Gujarat is emerging as Industrial hub in our country. It is also emerging as "Investor friendly" destination for most of the industrialized countries and across country.

Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Ankleshwar and Jhagadia are the major Industrial zones of Gujarat. Most of the industries in these areas are covered under GIDC Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation. The function of GIDC is to provide land, sheds and extend active help and support towards providing infrastructure requirements such as water, drainage, street lights etc.

GIDC's estates are marked with a difference than thenormal estate land or sheds. Within GIDC there are different Associations that perform similar kind of work along with Philanthropical approach towards the community. On similar lines of Ankleshwar & Panoli Industries associations we have also formed Jhagadia Industries Association (JIA) to support the member industries in the GIDC Estate.

The main objective for forming such associations is to provide infrastructural and other services to the Industrial Community at Jhagadia and also extending the benefit to surrounding rural areas in areas of education and infrastructural support. Jhagadia Industries Association was formed in late 1995 with Mr. S. B. Tudekar (of Remi metals) as president and Mr. S. R. Bansal (of DCM) as Secretary. Subsequently Mr. Bansal became President in 1997. The key projects managed during that time was coordinating with GIDC on infrastructure like roads, water supply and developing a pricing model for water supplied and internal security. The association was registered as a welfare society and the functioning of JIA was established.

Since 2002 the association was being led by Mr. Ashok Panjwani as President, Mr. B. L. Uppal as Vice president and Ravikumar as secretary till last year.

The Jhagadia GIDC Mega Estate is spread over an area of 1700 hectares of land. This estate has been provided with basic infrastructure as given below:

Quality treated water distribution

At Rundh there is a raw water treatment facility to treat raw river water and the installed capacity is 77MLD. The water is filtered to a turbidity < 10 NTU and there is chlorination facility to control bio contamination. Initially the Rundh pumping station had one power source from the electricity board with backup Diesel generator. This has been further improved with a second power source from a different power feeder and the Diesel generators have been removed.

The treated water is pumped to the Jhagadia GIDC sump through a 700 mm Concrete pipe and water supply distribution network is provided within the GIDC Estate. The distribution network is connected through a ring main and 5 Elevated Storage Reservoirs (ESRs) to assure constant pressure.

Road Network:

The Estate is connected with internal road network consist of single lane 2.0 KMs ,Double lanes 13.2 KMs& 4 lanes 26.6 KMs to meet the transport requirements of member industries. GIDC had developed this network and is maintained by them.

The Approach roads:

The approach cement concrete roads from Bharuch (via Borosil & Phulwadi village) & from Ankleshwar (via Navagam village) were built by JIA in partnership with Govt of Gujarat 50% & GIDC 25% under critical infrastructure projects with the active participation by member industries (25% equity contribution).The other approach road to the estate from Jhagadia and Valia is built by the Governments R&B department.


Truck Parking Zone

GIDC has built 3 truck parking zones within the estate.
Parking 1 Opposite Thermax Company
Parking 2 Opposite J.M. huber Company
Parking 3 Opposite Birla Century Company.
GIDC is formulating an arrangement for providing various facilities including canteen in these parking zones. Driver and cleaner food make a meal. Wash room and rest room facility also available.


DPMC - Fire Station

Jhagadia Industrial Estate has been notified and notified area office is operation now at GIDC Jhagadia office. Now, land has been procured for notofied area office along with DPMC. Which shall be developed in due course of time all permit. Presently Fire Station equipped with fire tender is being maintained by GIDC.


Petrol Pump

West side entrance of Jhagadia GIDC Estate, new Petrol Pump started by Indian Oil.


Bank Facility

Bank of Baroda Jhagadia Estate
ICICI Bank Jhagadia Estate


JIA Medical Center

JIA Medical Center is run by Jhagadia Industries Association with contribution of member industries. Mobile health center van goes to surrounding village of Jhagadia Estate and give primary treatment to people. Give require medicine free of cost.


Gas Pipeline Infrastructure

Gujarat Gas Company Provide natual Gas through pipeline to all the member industries as per requirement.


Electricity / Power Network

DGVCL is providing the electrical 11 KV distribution network through 2 sub stations to all the member industries.

Upcoming Projects

Jhagadia Industries Association Building

Jhagadia GIDC Notified Area Office


DPMC Main Building
Disaster Prevention & Management Center

DPMC 1BHK Quarter
Disaster Prevention & Management Center

DPMC 2BHK Quarter
Disaster Prevention & Management Center

Treated Liquid Effluent Drainage

Gard Pond 1

Gard Pond 2

Sub Station

Equalization Tank

Rain water drainage:

GIDC has built rain water drainage at around 50% of the estate. The rain water drainage capacity as well as the final discharge is being studied by a consultant to bring a long term solution to the drainage system problems.

Major plans for the Estate:

  • 1.Narmada Clean Tech New Project
    The work on developing 2 guard ponds totalling 90 Million Litres of storage and FETP at the NCT has started in full swing and is likely to be completed by this year end.
  • 2. The DPMC implementation is on progress.
  • 3.Implement CSR projects targeted for the villages' ear marked by the Govt of Gujarat.
  • 4. Work with GIDC and Railways department to bring a Railway siding within the Estate.
  • 5. Work with GIDC in improving the storm water drainage and implement water harvesting projects to improve the ground water table within the estate.